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Living Wall


Living wall is a shower wall and a space divider for wet spaces. The wall consists of thin laser-cut layers of plywood that move according to the moisture content and the use of the space: When the space is dry, the leaflets roll up creating a see-through and a light permeable wall. When more privacy or less light is needed, the wall can be closed by watering it.

Wood is a living material. Especially when it comes to using wood in wet spaces, we usually consider this as a restrictive feature of the material. I wanted to turn this presumption on its head and make the expansion and contraction of wood into the main quality of the design. The making process was a lot about experimenting, trying and taking showers with pieces of wood. When the right material, thickness, and other features were discovered, the results were surprising and the movement of the wood was unexpectedly big and fast. Living wall makes the showering an overall experience: the discreet movement of the leaflets isn’t only appealing to the eye, but the scent and the sound of the dehiscent wood create a natural moment, like taking a shower in a spring in the middle of a summery forest.

Featured in Aalto University's publication Functional Wood 2016

Living Wall video


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