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WARP bar stool 

Steel rod Ø10mm, steel rod Ø6mm

“A vague disquiet moves us to give something a closer look. We then see that what is before us is very different from what it first appeared to be. The world that we have relied on for solidity and stability shudders and shifts unpredictably, as if in a dream. Continuing our scrutiny, we finally satisfy ourselves that the aberration was only in the eye of the beholder and not, after all, in the world beheld. Reality regains its former stability and composure – and we laugh. It is the laugh that follows a narrowly averted accident.”
-Roger Shepard

My long-lasting ambition has been to combine two of my passions: furniture design and optical illusions.
The purpose of the existence of the WARP stool is to prove that not everything in this world is how they might first appear. The way the steel structure is bent make the appearance variant from different angles. The structure isn’t only a visual effect, but it also makes the structure stronger.

Visibility:2019 Alestalo x Judin x Väre - exhibition / Milan Design Week / Salone del Mobile / Salone Satellite


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