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Transitioning towards a more
sustainable furniture market in Tanzania

My dream is to be able to do good and make an impact through my work. In March 2022 I got an opportunity to move to Tanzania to work as a furniture designer in a development cooperation project between the governments of Tanzania and Finland.

Within the current furniture market situation in Tanzania, natural forest cover declines, rural poverty prevails and unsustainable import feeds the growing local demand. At the same time, current furniture supply does not meet the needs of the growing middle class in urban Tanzania.

The main goal of the project, PFP 2 (Participatory Plantation Forestry Program) is to promote sustainable and inclusive private forestry that contributes to Tanzania’s economic growth and alleviates poverty. Furniture constitutes a product segment for local wood with the biggest realistic opportunity for added value per unit sold. Therefore, the project aims to create a local market for socially and environmentally produced wooden furniture.

The product line consists of affordable and durable furniture for urban Tanzanian home. Based on the markets and needs analysis, the form language of the collection is modern, minimalistic and modular with a possibility for customization. All the pieces are designed flat pack for more economic transportation from the rural areas of production closer to the markets in the urban areas. The main material of the collection is sustainably grown Eucalyptus. Production of the pieces of furniture also employs local upholsterers and basket makers. The pieces are new to the local market but simple enough to be able to make with modest woodworking machines and hand tools.

Leapforg Projects

WARP collection

WARP is the outcome of my research of how to implement optical illusion in a structure of a piece of furniture. The collection consists of a barstool and a two-level wall mounted shelf.

The purpose of the existence of WARP is to prove that not everything in this world is how they might first appear.

The structure isn’t only a visual effect, but it also makes the structure stronge

Parallel Universe Collection

My passion for optical illusions and the dialogue between the horizontal and vertical lines were the inspiration for the Parallel Universe collection (containing the Liquorice chairs and shelves, Sun & Moon tables, Saturnus and Uranus cups and the y=mx+b lamp). The collection consists of product couples with the same measurements and the same shape, but the vertical or the horizontal effects make them characteristically and structurally different. More information about each product in attachment: Parallel Universe collection.

The collection was exhibited in Milan during Design Week 4 - 9 april 2017, in Lambrate, Ventura XV.

Code table collection

Code is a customisable collection of tables with different sizes for different purposes. First two pieces of the collection are Sofa table Code and bar table Barcode. All the table tops fit together with all the different legs. Code collection is follow-up for my previous collection Parallel Universe where I explored horizontal and vertical structures and the dialogue between them.


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