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y=mx+b -lamp

steel tube 10x10mm , steel joints, aluminium, LED strip

" y=mx+b is the equation for a straight line where m is the slope of the line and b is the y intercept, which is the y coordinate of the location where the line crosses the y axis. X is the value where the line intercepts the x axis."

y=mx+b is a multifunctional and simplistic lamp. The two middle bars with the light can be turned according to the use: The bar can be lifted up and used as a task or a reading lamp. When all the bars are side by side, the lamp leans naturally against a wall creating an indirect ambient light. When the lamp is in this position, the thickness is only 10mm, so it is easy to pack and move. The simple shape hides a practical structure inside so that the electric cables run smoothly inside the outer tubes all the way to the ground so the cables don’t break the linear and straightforward appearance.


2017 This Side Up exhibition in Milan Design Week, Lambrate, Ventura XV2016 Helsinki Design Week, Nothing to Declare exhibition,Aalto University


00220 Helsinki, Finland
BIN 2935244-8

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