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Milan Furniture Fair 2023


18–23 April
Salone Satellite
C 09

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Transitioning towards a more sustainable furniture market in Tanzania

Within the current furniture market situation in Tanzania, natural forest cover declines, rural poverty prevails and unsustainable import feeds the growing local demand. At the same time, current furniture supply does not meet the needs of the growing middle class in urban Tanzania...

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Helsinki Design Week,
11 - 13 September 2020,
Olympic Stadium,
Paavo Nurmen tie 1

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Living Wall

Wood is a living material. Especially when it comes to using wood in wet spaces, we usually consider this as a restrictive feature of the material. I wanted to turn this presumption on its head and make the expansion and contraction of wood into the main quality of the design.

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Liquorice shelves

Made in Finland / Young Finnish Design
Material : steel, powder coated black

︎ Liquorice shelf vertical
︎ Liquorice shelf horizontal

00220 Helsinki, Finland
BIN 2935244-8

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