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This Side Up

Milan Design Week 4 - 9 april 2017,
Lambrate, Ventura XV

We are a design team comprised of two designers; Henri Judin and Lassi Alestalo. We realized in our common courses at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture that our sketchbooks were full of similar ideas – and thus our collaboration came into being.

Our approach to design is laid back with applicable seriousness in the spirit of today’s ethical values. We don’t want to put out design that takes the viewer or the user for granted, but instead challenge them with elements of surprise and imagination in everyday moments.

For the Ventura Lambrate 2017 exhibition, we combined and refined the furniture and object ideas from our collective archives also honoring the 100th birthday of Finland and the legacy of Finnish design by presenting it from a fresh point of view.

🖤  Lassi & Henri

Contact: Lassi Alestalo / Henri Judin

Thank you,
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